How to Create the Perfect Study Space in Your Dorm

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Dorm life can be fun and fast-paced. As enjoyable as the football games, parties and the 3 a.m. pizza runs are, you came to college to get an education. A big part of that is establishing good study habits that will get you through the next four years.

To achieve that, you need to create a space in your dorm where you can study effectively. You must be able to concentrate, but you also want to be comfortable. Don’t forget to have some tasty study snacks available nearby as well, so your energy doesn’t wane in the middle of a study session.

With that in mind, here are a few dorm room ideas that can help you make the ideal study space, by adding a few room essentials.

Ditch the Dorm Furniture

Colleges provide dorm furniture such as desks and beds, but when you’re buying that many pieces and you want to get the best price, you don’t always get the best quality. You can replace those pieces with furniture of your own for the year, as long as you bring back the originals before you leave campus.

Consider buying one or all of these for your college dorm:

  • Desk
  • Book shelf
  • Comfy chair where you can read
  • Strong reading light

Alternatively, if your “dorm” is located off-campus, you could consider renting furniture. IFR Furniture Rentals offers an exclusive Student Package that will give you a comfortable, furnished college pad, without breaking the bank.

Keep It Clean

Nothing distracts you from good study habits as quickly as a messy desk. You sit down to find your highlighter to work on an assignment, and 20 minutes later, you’re still banging through drawers, looking for the missing marker.

Ban messiness by making yourself a promise. Every time you take an item out, you’ll put it back in the same place. Be resolute to stop dumping stacks of papers or mail on your study desk. Instead, go through each paper as it comes and toss it or file it. This will keep your workplace clean and lessen your distractions from studying.

Start a Snack Cabinet

Fill it with relatively healthy snacks, such as granola bars, fruit and whole-grain crackers. Feel free to satisfy your sweet tooth, and your midnight cravings by throwing a few M&M’s into a bag of trail mix to keep you motivated.

Get Organized

Buy a calendar where you track all the assignments from all your classes, and keep it on the wall. While you may have an electronic version of this calendar on your phone, there’s nothing like seeing a daily visual reminder of that Psych 101 paper’s due date to keep you motivated.

By using these ideas, you can transform your dorm room into a great study space. Good luck!

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