7 Reasons When it Makes Sense to Rent vs Buy Furniture

7 Reasons When it Makes Sense to Rent vs Buy Furniture

Are you thinking of renting furniture? Here are 7 reasons to rent vs buy furniture.

You are Moving Abroad

Moving is a very complicated process. Rather than shipping all of your household furniture overseas, we recommend renting home furnishings instead. A big reason to rent vs buy furniture when you are moving abroad is that you will save a considerable amount of money on shipping costs, which can be extremely expensive for larger heavy pieces.

You Want to Try Out a New Style

Your taste in furniture will change over time. If you don’t want to commit to an expensive piece that you may not like this time next year, renting your furniture just makes sense. A major reason to rent vs buy furniture is that you can try out new styles whenever you want before making a financial commitment to a big-ticket item. 

Your Move is Temporary

If your move isn’t long-term, this is a huge reason to rent vs buy furniture. Purchasing furniture for your home may not be worth the extra expenditure if you are likely to move again in under a year since you won’t know if the furniture you buy will fit well in your new space.

Since purchasing furniture for a short term stay doesn’t make sense financially, renting furniture is the way to go. Whether you are a student or part of a military family, you can enjoy high-quality furniture in your home without having to make a long term commitment to an expensive piece. 

You Have More Than One Home

While you’ll likely buy pieces for your home if you live there year-round, renting furniture for your summer home is an easy way to enjoy quality pieces without having to commit to them. Renting furniture for your second home will also come in very useful if you decide to sell your second property as you will not have to spend time selling your extra furniture. 

You Are Selling Your Home

Staging your home with the right furniture can dramatically improve the likelihood of you finding a buyer for your home. By renting high-quality pieces of furniture, buyers can visualize themselves living in the space more easily than they could in an empty unit. 

You Don’t Have Time to go Shopping

Finding quality furniture that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg takes a lot of time and effort. A major benefit and reason to rent vs buy furniture for your home is that you can furnish your home with necessary temporary items and give yourself time to find a good deal.

You Don’t Feel Ready to Buy

Furniture is an investment. If you don’t feel like you are ready to buy, renting furniture gives you the flexibility you need to be able to decide what pieces you want to have in your home forever. 

Those were our 7 reasons to rent vs buy furniture. If you are looking for furniture rentals in Harrisburg, visit us here at IFR and fall in love with a piece from our collection of rental furniture.

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